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Power Body Language

Ever thought, why do your hands go up, when feel success or superconfident? Ever seen the sportsperson who stretches the hands up inn the air to celebrate victory? That is called as Power Body Language. By learning Power Body Language in depth, you would be getting to know, how to control the environment near you, how to be perceived as a strong person, how to be more confident in engaging with others. Get access to the hidden tricks and tips of Non-Verbal Communication to feel more powerful in any given situation.

A session on Power Body Language will also let you understand the science behind the facts. Learn about different power posing and stances , the value of proper and perfect eye gazing, Body Language analysis of the top global leaders , Difference between Alpha , Authority and Subjugating Body Language, how to deliver a strong or harsh message to someone softly. Call us and we will tell you all about it.