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Kanan Tandi

About the trainer

Kanan's interest in Non-verbal communications was initiated during her stint as visiting faculty in a Personality Development Institute in Delhi, India in 2008. After then, her course of MBA in Communication Management at Symbiosis International University and in particular the subject of Consumer Behavior, drew Kanan’s interest more towards Non Verbal Communications.

Coming from a country like India, where Non Verbal Communications is yet to gain its importance as a strong tool, she decided to explore this realm and train professionals and students on Body Language and Micro Expressions, aiming to take their work efficiency and effectiveness at altogether different level.

She has taken up various courses on Non Verbal Communications and is certified under world renowned Body Language and Micro Expressions trainers’ like Kasia & Patryk Wezowski, Founder of Center for Body Language (world’s no. 1 training center for Business), Dr. Matsumoto, Humintell, Vanessa Van Edwards, Science of People etc. She trains professionals from various industries and backgrounds. She is also a visiting faculty at various Institutes and Universities.

Look who loves Body Speaks Better

It is very important for a teacher to understand the body language of the students during the entire class. To keep up the interest the whole time is the biggest challenge. Here comes, Kanan who tells you how to engage the students and how to know, if they are bored or are fake nodding. You'll absolutely love her session.



M.Phil, Psychology Professor

Being an advocate, sometimes we can't understand our clients on how truthful or relevant they are. It's always better to know the truth than to remain in doubt and keep on speculating. Kanan provides some very valuable information on how to decode the truth or hidden emotions without having the clients speak about it.



B.A LLB, Advocate