body speaks better

A solution for businesses and corporations to decode the unspoken.

  • Micro-Expressions

    Learn about the expressions

    At times people don’t say what they mean or don’t mean what they say. Through the knowledge of micro expressions, you will get to know what people mean or how they feel, even if they don’t say it.

  • Gestures & Postures

    The common gestures and postures

    The gestures can be categorized into various types. The postures tell us about confidence, interest and much more. Knowing the various gestures and postures will be a useful tool to read a person.

  • Power Body Language

    Use of body language

    The power body language is a tool to take control of the situation beforehand by showing oneself as powerful and strong. Learning the launch pose, stance etc. would help you define yourself in a new way.

  • Para-linguistics

    How to use the voice

    It matters how you speak or use your voice. The para-linguistics includes pitch, tone, timbre, cadence etc. Each one has its own importance. Learn them to understand how the use of voice affects your personality.

  • Kinesics

    Learning about body movements

    Knowing how to interpret the body movements can help you a lot. You can't rely on the words people speak during a face to face conversation. The body communicates many messages, more authentic than the words spoken.

  • Haptics

    Learn about the science of touch

    The origin of the word haptics is the Greek word haptikos, meaning able to grasp or perceive. Learn the use of touch and the various gestures related to touch.



A session focused on one of the topics that we cover.



Skill building program to enhance the performance of your team.


Personal Coaching

Develop your personality through focused coaching.


of employees value emotional intelligence over Intelligence Quotient.

reduction in development costs


of a face to face conversation is non-verbal.

increase in quality assurance


of first impression is based on how warm and competent a person is.

increase in development time

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